US Software Developer Support

Nearly a decade we have been presenting as a professional software developer group, helping businesses to accelerate their work through virtual product innovation. We design, create and deliver particularly useful and efficient digital products for mobile, web, IoT, augmented and digital reality as well as AI robots.

Excellent digital solutions start here

We are a genius to explore, define, design, program and deliver the most important software technology for mobile, web, wearable and Internet stuff.

  • First solution
  • Accelerator
  • Research and Development

There is a solution to every problem. The answer is constant, "we can." The only question is "how".

  • Reflect on innovation

Alternation is the only constant. Development is the most practical choice. Our IT organization now invests money in innovation.

  • Speed ​​of victory

The technology changes at an extremely fast rate. Keeping pace means victory.


Excellence is based on professional knowledge. From the initial point of view, we are improving the qualification adding our technical know-how to your software development idea.

  • Go to the book

Embrace your inner book reader. With our combination of strengths, we will work together to create the track record.

We offer a range of services to provide instant business results with minimum time and money.

Product concept

Product Ideas session is the only way to systematically define a new virtual product. The time-tested process helps our American developers understand where technology can help them create the greatest competitive advantage through IT innovation.

Clickable UX Prototype

The motif of the clickable user experience prototype is to help program owners choose the best user experience and turn it into a clickable prototype that can be used for user testing.

Technical discovery

The reason for the technical breakthrough is to evaluate the feasibility and the level of construction of the most efficient software. Our systematic approach to US developers helps companies to identify the risks, get to know them well and work towards the level of effort desired to build the right solution.

Functional priority and alignment

The motivation for the Role Optimization and Alignment Workshop is to ensure that all stakeholders and people involved in the project life cycle understand and adapt the key approaches, feature sets, and software definitions to bring the first viable product to the market with a priority delay.

Clickable UI Prototypes

A Prototype of the Clickable User Interface is essential for stakeholders The concept of simulating a true software experience and presenting specialized products to all key stakeholders.

Audit of code and infrastructure

Code and infrastructure revisions are needed to help agencies improve code quality and scalability of existing software products.

In the modern digital world, science and technology have never stopped rapid development, the best way is to persevere in research and development. This is the dedication of the developers in the United States.

We have divided D & D's efforts into several categories:

  • Bold idea

We invest a certain amount of resources to research and develop software and other digital products that have the power to change or hinder the industry. In this capacity, our app design company brought together in the United States a multifunctional team of distinguished and talented people with proven track record of superior software.

We know that this team will produce one of three results:

  • Discover the software market for products that symbiotic with the organization's core business.
  • Failure to find a significant combination of the product market within the allotted time and funding constraints.
  • Find products outside the main business relationship of the company market.
  • And our company in the United States has built a learning curve to ensure that our loyal developers can learn from every result of their research efforts.

Continue exploring

At US headquarters, we allow teams and developers to allocate time for innovation. The main objective is to create and research new things that guide the client and the business. Some innovations focus on the delivery process, while others become bold and bold ideas.

Any software developed by American developers for their customers is based primarily on what our IT team tested in advance. And our R & D project is like a customer from a product perspective and service attitude to research and improvement.

Projects and Technologies

  • Web Development
  • Cross-platform
  • Workspace

Our US based company has a loyal team of software developers who get information on the design and programming of products and sites from friendly and visually appealing websites. In addition, these sites respond to the seamless look of smartphones and tablets. The team's developers are more advanced ideas for creating affordable network software for desktops and mobile devices.

As the number of mobile devices continues to grow, our IT organizations can not become independent developers of innovation software in the United States. The persistent mobile team is always at the forefront of the technology explosion. And they are also professional - all IT programs are optimized for high loads, works perfectly on any device and performs the expected functions in the best possible way.

Our American developers focus on .Net complex systems, MS SQL. The database provides databases for businesses of all sizes, from local start-ups to global companies on all verticals. As a mature US software developer, our company prides itself on its robust and scalable architectural solutions, which generally work faster than comparable solutions in the industry.

Building high-tech software

Web and data oriented

US developers have a wealth of experience offering a variety of web-based systems ranging from high-load, scalable and comfortable SaaS solutions to internal software (Sales Workflow Automation, Document Control, Benchmarking costs and Supplier- Etc.) Our US-based Software Developers create network programming systems that allows your company to insert new data channels or replace proprietary layers without affecting the rest of the system. In the United States, our development team also focuses on the evolutionary adjustments and conversions of the current legacy structure.

Cross Platform and Mobile

We believe that technology must be appropriate, so our developers provide a way to replace the way software is delivered to multiple systems. The US team has strong local development capabilities in iOS and Android (Objective-C, Swift, Java / Android) and third-party libraries (Cocos2D, Box2D, Unity3D). US developers leverage frameworks such as PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Sencha, and Appcelerator Titanium for optimal stability in development efforts and versatility. Our app building company also offers a variety of backend infrastructure services to shape complex infrastructures, address high data volumes and provide real-time transmission.

Stand-alone app

Although WorldWide is the primary platform, there are still a number of issues that can not be resolved by using the Internet interface alone. Our US software developers can add standalone apps based on C ++ / QT, Java or .Net. Our company also has a great experience in integrating these standalone programs in front of Internet services or in different types of back-end solutions.

  • First-class quality assurance
  • UI / UX Design
  • We support your success

Software testing

An important part of our development is a continuous test. To this end, QA engineers conduct various tests throughout the programming process life cycle (regression, identification, general performance, stress, protection, load and usability / user experience testing). From a development point of view, this process is supported by test-oriented development and continuous integration.

QA team

QA engineers as much as possible to provide the base of the team. This is the best validation work for a great level of development. The technology provides a better understanding of the global solution, architecture and operating environment, and provides QA engineers with more opportunities to automate day-to-day operations. It also minimized the team's cooperative efforts.

Visualizing the results from the beginning gives all participants a better understanding, avoiding mistakes and improving technological choices. We believe that systems that interact with customers should be UI designed exclusively based on the basic functionality of the product.

Graphic design

If it does not look good, it is not good - this belief is a natural reaction of humans. As a result, many apps behind many ideas are plagued by horrific and non-professional layouts. In our US team, we understand the importance and cost of attractive, natural user interfaces, robust workflows, and usability. Professional developers are up to date on the latest layout development and quality practices and put them to work.

Wire Prototypes and Frames

Interactive wireframes and click prototypes get the meaning of the device, receive feedback, validate interactions, and visualize specific interface ideas and use cases. After the integration, the behavior of the structure, the main workflows and the appearance will be described. Therefore, there are no additional costs involved in redesigning or enhancing features and methods.

User interaction

Each piece of software is designed to relieve pain. In other words, it should solve a specific problem for the user. The tool or product should do this intuitively with a minimum number of movements. In addition, you should avoid errors and avoid customer consequences. Interactive designers analyze user behavior based on unique use cases and then interact with gadgets in the most efficient and comfortable way.

Excellent experience

We speak the same language as the founders and developers of products because we are already in place. Team members presented more than 250 successful products, each providing us with valuable information and experience in product development systems. Experts recognize the aspirations, problems, misery and major challenges of business owners and product developers. That is why they provide a unique assistance that only fellow business owners can provide.

Persecution of excellence

Our staff focuses on our customers' needs and uses them to improve service methods and quality. Developers mainly follow Agile and Scrum principles, but this is not a dogmatic technique. We recognize that the development process should fit the company's lifestyle and fit the internal processes, so we pay attention to every detail and learn to be the best for you.