Mobile App Development in the USA and around the Globe

The highly digital world of today necessitates people of business to make their enterprises more equipped and mobile. Our US-based mobile app development company suggests the best solutions for those, who want to be on top of the market.
Since 2010 we provide mobile software of any complexity preserving premium quality for iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms. Start cooperation with our company and we will help you to make a profit of every business source by unique hi-tech software, developed according to your burning needs.
  • Interaction with customers
  • Workflow optimization
  • Customer mobile apps
  • Improve your business

Interaction with customers

Mobile applications can considerably facilitate your interaction with the target audience and involve new consumers. It is vital for growing business to build healthy and strong relationships with its customers because only this close connection makes a noticeable brand with the solid reputation. In many industries, the number of clients and their positive experience becomes a determinant factor of prosperity.
Our team experienced in mobile development can help you to attract new customers and retain their interest with an interactive and engaging software. We know how to integrate your brand in a clever app, which will reflect the identity and promote you company.

Workflow optimization

Modern smartphones give vast possibilities to mobile developers, and we know how to implement the latest layouts to make your workflow more productive. With hardware capabilities and software development tools we can create powerful software transforming your views on business running and move your enterprise to the next level.
The right software can solve most of the tasks, which challenge businesses every day:

- Data processing

- Internal operation optimization

- Automatisation of time-consuming processes

- Remote working and more

It is hard to enumerate all the ways mobile app development can improve an efficiency of the company. Choose our company and find out how mobile technologies can ameliorate your working processes.

Customer mobile apps

Every problem needs a complex approach and detailed consideration to find the best solution. When you hire a professional team of developers, you can be sure that you will get a bespoke application, meeting all the requirements and needs. Bespoke apps refer to a custom, or tailor-made software, which unlike off-the-shelf software provide a completely personalized user experience.
Our in-house team has a depth of experience in bespoke software development and have elaborated a step-by-step procedure that ensures catering to all business needs. We collect information about your enterprise, plunge into workflow and propose the best solutions and features to be integrated. This approach is aimed at full optimization of all process, automating time-consuming procedures and reducing unnecessary operations. As a result, you get a mobile app that becomes the first helper in everyday business processes.

Improve your business

Custom mobile application development is a complex and labour-consuming process. It requires large time and money investment and should be a well-considered decision. To get an app that will be efficient and payoff, it is important to choose the team of expert and experienced developers with extensive knowledge of IT trends and a high level of competence in work. Our company is proud of our team of programmers, designers and managers, who will elaborate a unique mobile app to help you to improve business and fatten the profit.
Custom software development may seem too costly and time-consuming at first sight, and you may think of an off-the-shelf application as of one another possibility. Unfortunately, such apps have considerable limits in functionality and often can not manage the mission assigned. If you already have such app, which needs additional options, our programmers can integrate the functions needed to a system you work with, but only in allowable limits. You should also be ready to further difficulties on watch. Each update will remove the integrated features, making you apply to developers and spend extra money on the same work, while updates rejection may cause insecurity and poor performance of the whole system you work with.
The best way to upgrade your business is to engage in bespoke software development and make use of all the advantages of this solution. Imagine you enterprise working in a new way, decide, what you want to change and our IT specialists turn to life your most challenging ideas.

App Development services

Our team of professionals provides the most various development services for both big and small business. We use innovative decisions and proven methods, creating mobile apps for any purposes.
Our in-house developers are competent in the vast range of technologies:
  • ASP.NET - powerful web development framework, created by Microsoft.
  • PHP - cross-platform programming language for LINUX, Windows, and other OS.
  • JAVA - high-level APL for mobile app development
  • Ruby on Rails - free framework with open source code used for internet shops, content management systems and business automatisation development
  • Node.js - server platform on Javascript V8 with open source code for quick REST-service creation.
We will always find the best tools to transfer your forward-looking idea into a top-notch app.
  • Mobile consultancy
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Mobile consultancy

We have a clear understanding of the IT industry and many other sectors we created software for. Our approaches give an opportunity to develop outstanding mobile projects and integrate them into the workflow of your business. The company’s analysts work hard to keep up with the key IT directions, study your audience, research the market and competitors to deliver pragmatic advice for your better understanding of the development process in the most convenient way.

Strategy development

One of the key stages in development is project planning and discussion of the main direction of work. We ask questions about all business processes of the enterprise and the problems you have faced. Working together in close cooperation, we set the objectives software should achieve and decide on the features the app will have.By this, we elaborate a mobile strategy, which can be applied to your company and will drive the desirable results.


All forward-looking enterprises understand the necessity of mobile devices in working process. The growing number of applications in all mobile stores proves the demand for app development. Our company will empower your equipment with functional and convenient software to improve efficiency, productivity and overall performance of your business. If you want to implement mobility to outdated workflow, we are here to help.


Our company adheres to user-centered design creation approach. Creative and talented designers have vast experience in mobile development for the clients from the USA and all over the world and know the needs of users. We carry out user analysis to define how to develop a convenient design for every separate case and always reach the best result, creating a tool for handy interaction between the target audience and the interface.

User Experience

To create a positive user experience, it is important to understand users’ needs whether they are your customers or employees. In our practice, we use a wide range of skills to encompass users’ perception of the interface from research methods to design ensuring intuitive mobile user experience. Our design team will develop an interactive and user-friendly UX design that engages users for your business objectives and maximizing the ROI.

User Interface

We do everything possible to build an attractive user interface design to enhance the user experience and make audience download and use the product with interest and pleasure. Our graphic design skills help the mobile app we create to give a strong promotion to your business and reflect the company identity. Our designers are always ready to work in close cooperation with your PR department, making your brand implemented throughout the program, from the icon to the individual menu buttons of the app.


The core point of development of mobile apps is a determination of the platform it is intended for. Our company specializes in smart mobile program building for all major OSs. We have highly skillful iOS, Android, Windows and web developers, keeping coding standards and guidelines for every operating system. We know how to make use of all system capabilities and implement full-fledged functionality ensuring your data safety. Anything we build, whether it is managing or entertainment program, simple app of a complex multifunctional software, is a robust tool that will satisfy your demands and needs.


iOS mobile app building is one of our main services. Our programmers work with both Swift Objective-C and use the latest version of Xcode(IDE). The last one provide extensive editorial capabilities due to recent updates, making it possible to improve code writing and reduce the development time. Our software for this secure and stable platform will help you to optimize business processes and give your customers or employees access to your product or services right from a pocket.


When creating apps for the largest Android platform audience, our developers use Android Studio and other SDK tools to cover all the variety of Android devices your customers or employees may use. We ensure the perfect look and feel of our products both on smartphones and tablets of most popular brands. Our designers benefit from the high flexibility of design guidelines and completely customize the product for your unique needs. We will help to release the product on Google Play and provide our support at every stage of development and post-production optimization.
With Android based app you can quickly obtain the core audience and strengthen your brand awareness.


Windows mobile platform is sometimes underestimated. However, it surely has its users, which should always be taken into account. Our team found success in Windows apps creation, using Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE. Today developers are getting an opportunity to create applications for all devices running Windows 10 thanks to recent Windows update for a unification of the operating system. Having ordered us a Windows mobile app, you will get a highly functional product for a mass audience and any business need.

Maintenance and Support

We never stop supporting our product till it gains success and satisfies our and client’s demands. When numerous QA tests, ensuring the quality of performance, security and usability, are passed, we help to launch it and offer our maintenance services. If you want the software to be up to date or need any additional functionality to meet growing needs of your business, our developers will provide analytics on performance and do the best to improve your app by anything it may require.