iPhone App Development Costs: Solutions that Worth It

We help companies grow and deliver cost -effective solutions that deliver exciting iPhone applications over time with the best results.

Working with iOS for over 8 years

Our experience in developing iPhone's original, web-based programs, integrated hardware software, and an end-to-end product in the most competitive iPhone app development cost makes us the perfect choice for your next project.

  • Learn more about the user experience
  • Comprehensive program
  • Iteration Process
  • Launching the Collaborative Prototype

The Apple iOS was designed with user experience in mind and our team knows exactly how to embody this experience. The layout idea is based on a simple, concise and intuitive format and describes the healthy functions of the users. Our iPhone solution is not only perfect but also powerful pixel.

We specialize in the development of information processing programs. Our ability to leverage legacy APIs and databases has enabled us to create simple solutions that control, extract, and import complex data drives from data loggers to automation systems and enable users to control gadgets directly from the iPhone or iPad.

Our agile development technology relies entirely on startup and early iteration, so you can see the location of the product. The layout of the iteration is as important as the function itself. With the introduction of new features, workflow, user journey and overall design need to be adjusted for maximum efficiency. The development team unifies form and function into a flexible and intuitive experience.

Building custom software is a collaborative effort. From the initial meetings to the launch of products, we discussed all aspects of the in-depth development process. From wireframing, mood boards and shadow palettes to fonts, visual layouts and images. We understand the importance of building a beautiful product that looks as functional as it looks.

What is the cost of the iPhone app?

As long as price and time are grouped together, mission size can have a decisive impact on costs. Often, it is initially estimated that we are driven by a set of skills and characteristics or a common business sense. In addition, development tasks may include:

  • Animation design
  • Prototype
  • Specialized solutions that require technical research

In each case, the cost range will be different. The sudden consequences and adjustments that this process may have along the way have also greatly affected the final costs.

The fundamental principles of development

By being firmly integrated into your team, the development team keeps the process running smoothly as you write the right code to stop any problem at any stage of the development process.

  • Focusing on the integrated app
  • Correct comment
  • Agile Process-driven
  • The correct code
  • Approximate estimate

Our iPhone software development company focuses on the information you need to connect with customers. This includes integrating applications into other systems, devices, and parts of the hardware. We specialize in complex APIs and integrate into single communication protocols.

No one likes surprises. Our team provides accurate estimates of the cost of developing iPhone applications so you can plan it correctly. Providing you with the iPhone app development costs estimation, we organize additional researches to guaranty that the we’ll deliver your customized solutions on time and on budget. That's why more than 90% of our customers do business with us again.

Our developers stand out in the time-tested standard development process, but they are truly agile believers. This is a great way to document custom solutions. Project managers are Scrum master graduates who enable our agencies to quickly create the best products in the class.

Correct design, comment, and extensible code. IPhone programmers are smart about what they do. The optimization and testing procedures ensure that we offer elegant, high-quality and fault-free software programs.

According to estimates of most frequent items:

  • A simple iPhone app with basic features usually takes up to 2 months to build and needs around 80,000 to 100,000 US dollars.
  • A more complex solution that takes more than two months to develop will cost about 12k-24k dollars.
  • A highly complex iPhone or iPad software system with a large database, company or brand can stay for more than 6 months and therefore requires between $ 30,000 and $ 20,000 or more.

Choose your iPhone developer for your first project

With the expansion of the Android platform and the rapid spread of gadgets around the world, the market is becoming more and more attractive to developers. In our experience, customers generally prefer to first select iOS. However, the next step is sure to try to find market opportunities on Google Play.

The obvious reason for choosing an iPhone / iPad app first is that the Apple Store makes more money for the product owner than Google Play. Compared to owners of Android devices, iPhone users seem to be more inclined to spend money on the app. Our experts will help you choose the right monetization strategy for the app to deliver the best return on your investment.

Android app development and iOS development What's the difference?

The truth about software production is that the development costs of Android may be the same as iPhone prices. The problem is that the size of Android devices and monitors makes this environment more difficult to operate, so it may take longer to program.

You can compare the common costs of any type of development, however, your specific app should ignore the estimates before understanding the cost of the solution of your iPhone.

What type of app are you developing?

Applications fall into four broad categories, depending on the work constant required to build them.

  • Simple program
  • Database / API app
  • Multifunctional / Enterprise Solution
  • Mobile games
  • Cost of the Basic Function Instance
  • Additional costs

A simple app, three or four screens, offers a basic functionality that can vary between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000. Simple applications do not save data about their consumers or the above use cases.

Infrastructure should be much more complex if your app requires that this information be maintained on the user's device or on a remote server. If you want to allow users to check in, save lists, and record or sync data on multiple devices, you should be prepared to pay $ 15,000 to $ 50,000.

IPhone applications are at the heart of your business. Users can access their records using the software on any device or web browser. The app can also provide many key features. The design of the interface is absolutely customizable to provide an immersive experience. These applications will cost $ 50,000 and above.

The complexity of the game app is very large. There are many possibilities and capacities, so development costs can range from $ 10,000 to $ 500,000.

  • $ 500 to $ 1000 - Social networking integration - This includes allowing users to post tweets and post to Facebook from the app or register with their FB account.
  • $ 1000 to $ 3000 - In-app purchases - Apple helps you use in-app purchases to charge users for downloads and additional products.
  • 800 USD - Apple Game Center - If you are developing a game and need to sign up for Game Center.

Apart from designing and building an iPhone solution, there are other costs to consider. For example:

  • Testing - costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the software. Testing is usually only a matter of time. However, the importance of the test should not be underestimated. If your product is complex or difficult to use, it can be costly to make it work properly.
  • $ 99 - iTunes developer account. This is required to start the product in the AppStore.
  • $ 100 / month - support for servers and backends. If the software is based on a web server to store data, you should assume that you pay about $ 100 / month for server support and protection.
  • + 25% - local support for iPad. If your app should provide a native iPad experience, this will require additional design and development costs, in addition to the iPhone.
  • $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 - advertisement. Building a dazzling product that stands out among the thousands of iPhone applications is a daunting task that could not have been possible without the correct marketing strategy. Advertising and marketing are an essential step in launching an app and should be kept in mind when planning a price range.

How long does it take?

Because of all the variables, this question needs more information to answer. A simple iPhone program can take about a month to complete from the initial discussion to the release. Large and complex business activities can take months to years. If market time is a key factor, our company has all the resources to allocate multiple programmers to work on your project at the same time and try to do it in the shortest time possible.

We're here to help. Do not hesitate to get started!

Developing products for the iPhone can be a daunting adventure. There is a great choice to make, each of which can have a huge impact on the overall value of the project and is a possibility of success. We offer iPhone developers who have great experience in creating extraordinary solutions just by looking at our portfolio and making sure that we are best suited to bring their ideas to the digital world.

  • Focus on Business Mobility
  • Accurate review
  • Agile Thinking of Believers
  • Perfect code
  • Internal Staff
  • Custom Software Project

Our team is here focused on getting your business ahead of schedule. We offer mobility in your workflow through the unlimited opportunities of different hardware and software through the iPhone and iOS platforms.

We promise to provide you with the correct estimate of how much time and how much your challenge will cost. Get the right results on time and you can plan it perfectly.

We believe in using an effective system, which is why we use agile. Every Scrum-certified project manager can easily create great software.

The code written by our team is properly designed, commented and extensible. Make sure the code is simple and makes it easy to maintain and update the app.

The entire group works in the office to make it smooth for face-to-face meetings with clients. We believe that close cooperation and impeccable communication are successful.

We understand that each agency has its own specific needs and technical needs. Our group has the potential to play a role in various development tasks in various industries.

Let's create something awesome together

Do you have lots of ideas? Or have problems that can be solved by the software creation? Share your thoughts with our experts, together we’ll create the programm to exceed the most daring expectations. Do not hesitate to give us a line!