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Our development company consisting of goal-oriented and professional employees has extensive experience in the IT sphere and app building for iOS and other most popular platforms. We will create for you a mobile application satisfying all, even the most demanding consumer tastes.
The unique design and thought-over ergonomics of our apps give to our clients the full access to business processes from a mobile device and help companies to attract new customers and to raise the service level in general.

Why iOS

As well as any other Apple product, iOS reflects the philosophy of the company. The powerful and convenient Swift language, a great number of tutorials — everything to make developing comfortable:
  • Right toolkit. XCode, Instruments, iPhone Simulator are helpful tools for application development and debugging.
  • Programming languages. Swift code is a convenient language from the point of view both of the beginning developers, and skilled professionals. For example, it allows using many elements of the functional programming.
  • Frameworks. Both providing by Apple and the 3rd parties, for example, Facebook.
  • Quality of documentation.Videos from the annual WWDC development conference contain a lot of useful information.
  • Community of developers. It consists of friendly people, who are often willing to help and provide documentation on development.
If you ask a professional developer what platform he would prefer to build software, his answer will be iOS.
  • Advantages of Apple OS
  • Develop iOS Software on Your Own
  • Define the purpose
  • What are your expectations?
  • What to begin with?
  • Estimate your idea
  • What does the assessment give you?
  • MVP

Advantages of Apple OS

- Less working hours. Our experience of development for both of the platforms confirms that Android takes much more time to create software with good operation and functionality. Although the general development processes are the same, the difference in hours of work appears to be considerable. The significant number of Android-based devices has different technical aspects as working resolutions or screen sizes, often developers are forced to optimize an app for every model separately: hold quality assurance tests and multiple debugging. When it comes to work hours, iOS products development takes 28% less than the Android one.

- Lower maintenance cost. Continuous support is an integral part of both iOS and Android apps creation. However, Apple helps to reduce the maintenance cost thanks to the universal development standards for all the devices. There is no need to consider individual features of different brand owners, who have the right to independently add changings to the functionality of smartphones, leading to unpredictable behavior of software on various models.

- Positive image. IOS platform gained the reputation of a secure and stable operating system, providing high functionality and usability. The enterprises that need sustainable and invulnerable OS prefer to equip employees with Apple hardware.

Possible shortcomings

Like any other platform, iOS also has minute disadvantages that should be noted. First of all, AppStore needs very careful moderation, and it usually takes more time, than in Google Play to launch the new software, especially, if an app possesses a complex functionality with a set of options. Also, it is impossible to implement some functions, because of high user data security. But these minor difficulties don’t downgrade the above-mentioned advantages.

Develop iOS Software on Your Own

If you are well-aware of development processes or have some programming skills, you can bring your idea into life without or with some insignificant external help. In this case, you should have enough time and patience, and be ready to a long development process.

Define the purpose

Before start developing software, it is necessary to determine project objectives. Availability for such purposes at the beginning of the project is the important parameter which will help to answer a question whether development goes in the right direction.

What are your expectations?

The most frequent question of people who have an idea of the application for iPhone or iPad is: "How software can improve my business and increase ROI" It is hard to give a definite answer on this question. It depends on the purposes you need an app for and sources you are ready to involve in developing. For each application the following parameters are unique:

- intended use;

- creation cost;

- popularity;

-- people responsible for management of its success.

All these factors influence the financial success of your application and its final productiveness. Plan your expectations on this knowledge.

What to begin with?

The competition in App Store is strongly fierce, tens of new high-quality programs appear every day. To achieve the maximum success in the highly competitive App Store environment, your ideas shall be weighed and worked out.

Estimate your idea

To estimate something you are not an expert at is not an easy task. So it would be better to address people who are well qualified in development:

- Professionals in marketing

For example, our specialists have specialized knowledge of how successful were applications of our clients in App Store and also what promotion strategies work the best way.

- Application developers for iPhone

You can address to our development company or try to ask independent developers. Many of them are interested in communication with the community, and if you address these people for a recommendation, most of them will be happy to analyze your idea.

What does the assessment give you?

When you receive an opinion of an expert on the idea, you learn the following:

- whether your product will have a fierce competition;

- whether the idea has any technical restrictions;

- how to apply the step-by-step approach to development process;

- whether you can enhance the idea by any methods for sales increase;

- may the idea be profitable, considering creation cost;

- whether the idea is suitable for application in mobile devices;

- whether your target audience can provide a necessary return.

This set of information needs to be obtained from the experienced reviewer. Moreover, a real assessment of popularity and demand can be received only after the market test with MVP. And only after you gathered this information, you can pass to the following steps of the project, having received objective confidence in viability of your idea.


Many newcomer developers consider that they should release only the final version of the product. But it takes a lot of time, while the situation on the market can strongly change. Therefore it is necessary to think of MVP — Minimal Viable Product. For the first MVP, you just choose the most significant hypothesis and do an inexpensive experiment for a check.
You will receive valuable feedback and will be able to find the most perspective market

Register a developer account

Even if you order application programming to the third party, in App Store you will do business independently. It is possible to register the account in iOS Development Center. It will cost $99 a year. Besides you shall provide data on your bank account. Prepare this information before registration.

Draw the sketch of your application
If you already have an idea, then you most likely have a visual representation of how the application will look. To develop the sketch of the interface it is not obligatory to be an artist or designer therefore begin to transfer your ideas to paper. The main objective of your designs consists of the representation of the basis for the following step of the project.
If you plan to give the most of the works on outsourcing, then show your sketches to the designer and the developer to receive price assessment.

If you the Objective-C or Cocoa developer, then open Xcode and begin to programming your future app.

Marketing and promotion
Applications can be introduced on the App Store, but remain at the same time unnoticed. You have to develop a strategy for promotion, and it is better if you will have several strategies. Be ready to experiments, some ideas may work, and others may not.

Clues to iOS App Development

To build an application, it is necessary to learn app coding and get acquainted with development tools for iOS platform.
The main distinction of Apple developing is its intention to take care of users’ security. If the app contradicts the principles of the company, you will not be able to launch it. That is why it is very important to know what is allowed to do or not. If you want to work with your app not on a simulator, but on your device, you should register as an iOS developer for $99 per year. It is not obligatory, but if you want to publish the app on the AppStore, you have to do it.
Developers can not manage without certain skills and tools to build iOS apps, they include:
  • Xcode, Apple’s IDE, a free graphical interface for app creation.
    It works as autocomplete support. You can find bugs in the code before implementation and also utilize some debugging and performance tools.
  • Swift, Apple’s programming language
    In comparison to Objective-C, Swift, presented in 2014, is not so complicated and considerably simplifies the process of programming. It is actively used be developers all over the world.
  • The iOS SDK
    It is used for the creation of native iOS apps and represents a software development kit for software distribution through the App Store, price setting and getting 70% of its sales. If your app is distributed for free, the only fee you should pay is the membership cost. The SDK also provides a program simulating the iPhone functions and look on the desktop.

Cooperation With Our Company

Developing iOS apps is not a simple task for a single person. This complex journey requires a team of programmers, designers, marketing and project managers to achieve the best results.
If you want to avoid risks, save your time, get support and guarantees of quality, address to our app development company!
Our programmers have vast experience in software development and can create a perfect application of any complexity. Our highly-functional and user-friendly products help companies to increase productivity and income, involve new clients, optimize working processes and make a profit of all digital possibilities an application can provide.
As first-rate iOS app development experts, we always keep up with the latest trends and create outstanding applications for all business needs. We have already had clients from the most various areas, and we are ready to new challenges. If you have an idea, contact us for a free consultation, and become on one step closer to your success.