See what we have already delivered to our customers

(a communication app for teachers and parents interaction)

In tight collaboration with local private school, we developed an educational app that increases parents’ involvement in their children’s education. A social-networking mobile app improves communication between children, teachers, and parents. Such internal system provides information about students’ and teachers’ schedules and access to educational materials. We made it synchronized with internal web system to provide real-time information about available classes, school events, and meetings. The messaging system lets both parents and teachers promptly communicate with each other and fix a meeting. Now parents can always be aware of their children's progress and difficulties.

(a booking application for tourists)

A traveling app that tells you where you can stay for a night or a week while visiting new places - this is an amazing idea of one of our customers. It enables users quickly get access to the database of over 4000 offers in 100 cities around the globe. Whether users want to find a cheap hotel or rent a whole cottage for a big group, they can simply use search filters to find the offer that suits them more. The mobile application was created based on the web app of the customer company to make company services more mobile and accessible.

(a currency exchange app)

Business people hardly have time to have a snack when it comes to work. They lead an active and busy way of life and most often need to know some information immediately where they are. So our clients, taking into consideration his target audience needs, outsourced our services to develop a mobile app which will be related to his website and will be able to display relevant data connected with currency exchange. We integrated a highly secure users accounts which require a PIN code. Such protection enables mission-critical operations, such as currency exchange and deposits making.

(a calculating app for complex equation)

One Israeli startup outsourced our services to develop a PhoneGap maths app for performing to tasks. It should be able to carry out a semantic web search and solve maths equations. Our team utilized LATEX markup language that enables displaying formulas. PhoneGap framework makes this application available for both Android and iOS platform. This mathematical tool makes smartphones smart calculators which can search the Web and solve equation implementing complicated formulas. It also provides step by step solutions.

(shopping and restaurant advisor)

A leading Austrian web-portal outsourced our company to provide their users with intuitive and user-friendly mobile experience. We developed a mobile version of their website with a number of services including restaurant and shopping guides. Using Google Maps API we facilitated geolocation functionality. So based on user’s geolocation this mobile tool can suggest nearby restaurants and shopping centers providing user information on the place ranking, postal code and address, phone number and email, category, images and other useful information. We made the address and other contact information clickable, so that simplifies the search of the place on the map and process of getting in touch with it.

(an informative app for Arkansas citizens)

One of our iPhone app projects was related to the idea of the development an informative application which provides users the report on state legislators rating. The information is presented in a convenient and user-friendly manner. It includes legislators photos, their district map, and what bills did they voted on. This statistics helps the citizens of the Arkansas state to analyze and alway be informed on how the legislators advanced or diminished their welfare helping to make the decision for the next election.