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Outsourcing App Development the Right Way

The best way to guarantee you get the highest-quality and most cost-efficient mobile application is entrusting its development to a third-party with an established reputation for excellence. The advantages of outsourcing app development are extensive, saving you time and money while still resulting in an optimized, profitable mobile solution. The best developers in the industry are the ones who work in close collaboration with their clients, sharing knowledge and expertise in the decision-making process so that both sides are always informed and confident while the project is underway and allowing the client to focus their attention on what is most important: the success of their business.

Establishing Objectives at the Start

Selecting the mobile app developers who will best address your needs is easiest when you have a clear vision in mind. Define what success will look like in measurable terms. In doing so, starting a dialogue with any developer is easier, because everyone has a picture of what you are trying to achieve. Communication is key to reaching those goals, and experienced developers will be able to take the answers to several important questions and create an app of any scale and complexity. Just a few examples of the kinds of questions you should be able to answer after speaking with a developer are:
  • Who are your target users?
  • What core features do you wish to offer them?
  • Which platform do you want to develop on?
  • Do you need a native or web app to achieve your goals?
  • What do your monetization and user conversion strategies look like?
  • Do you want to integrate social media into your application?
Whether you have clear, coherent answers to all of these or are looking for some expert guidance, our development team can show you how to quantify and build upon the answers to these questions and create exactly the type of solution you need.

Freelance Developer vs. Team Development

The technology boom has produced a huge number of specialists in the world of mobile solution development, and many talented individuals offer their services to companies at reduced costs thanks to lower overheads. However, not hiring a team often brings unanticipated risks with it, such as difficulties in communication and a slower, less dynamic development process. Our expert team consists of specialists in different aspects of app development, and our workflow is geared towards leveraging their strengths as they work in tandem with each other, ensuring a more rapid project completion and the highest-levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Use Developers with Knowledge and Experience

The developer you decide to work with should have an intimate knowledge of everything it takes to complete a successful project on the platform you choose. If you outsource software development, be certain you are entrusting the project to the right kind of developer (i.e. iOS applications should be handled by Apple development specialists). Review portfolios and find past projects that match the design, scope and complexity you need to see who is truly capable of producing the end product you want.
  • Finding Freelancers
  • Publishing Your Project
  • Choose Potential Candidates
There are many experts for hire today, and if you are interested in having one take on your project, a good place to start is by placing an ad on dot-com websites like Upwork, Toptal and Freelancer. These websites have lots of people willing to offer their services to companies for lower rates than many big development agencies, and you can write out a description of the project you want, set a target budget and see who responds. You can then judge their suitability based on their reviews and portfolios.
Detail is important, and knowing the answers to questions like the ones mentioned above are critical to establishing clear expectations at the earliest stages. Many potential developers view success on freelance websites as a numbers game and will respond to your post with a template message that gives you no sense that they truly understand the exact requirements of what you need done. An excellent way to filter out such applicants is by including some call to action in the middle of your text that responders can follow as a way to demonstrate they have truly gone through your listing. These requests can be simple, such as telling them to include a key phrase in their response, or even something more complicated, such as asking them to provide an idea on how to address a specific challenge. Whatever approach you choose, you will save yourself lots of time by identifying real applications and potential partners who pay attention to detail.
You should be just as diligent in your attention to detail when reviewing responses as you expect your developer to be, so take the time to read each response closely, and do not hesitate to write and request more detailed information on any relevant point. Freelance websites are crowded places and companies often find themselves receiving replies within an hour of posting. However, do not rush to accept the first bid. Find several serious applicants before choosing the best to move on to the next stage.

The Best Partner: Make your Choice

Just because work and recruitment are performed online doesn’t mean the hiring process should skip any key steps. Before agreeing to have anyone handle an ambitious process like developing an application you should speak with them and determine if they are the best fit for that role. Instead of spending far too much time writing, waiting for and responding to long emails, choose a popular messaging system (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.) and quickly arrange a time to speak. This platform should be convenient for both you and the freelancer, as it will be an important element in continued communication throughout development.
  • Use Video
  • Choosing Interview Questions
  • Software Development Cost
The power of visuals is important, and you should not settle for just a text or audio conversation when speaking with any candidate. When video chatting with someone, much becomes apparent that is not conveyed through other types of correspondence and you can make a more fully informed final decision when you get a glimpse at who you are hiring. Another point to keep in mind is that unwillingness to video chat due to technical reasons can be a red flag that the person may be misrepresenting themself or that their technology is limited, neither of which is good in a technology-based process like app development. Once you have verified the candidate in an interview, video then becomes simply a matter of preference.
You know best the types of people you work well with and the qualities you value in workers. Apply these same principles in choosing the right developer with an added focus on communication. Every part of application development is complex, and the ability to keep you informed about what is happening as it is happening and in a way that makes sense is the sign of a good developer. Some other considerations to take into account:

- What is the developer’s background (iOS, Android, etc.)?

- Do they specialize in native, web or hybrid applications?

- Can you see their portfolio and does it contain any past projects that would resemble yours?

Of course, in a highly-competitive market, you have control, and if you find anything that worries you, do not hesitate to move on to a candidate you feel more comfortable with and who seems better set to deliver what you need.
Even though you set the initial price in your listing, unless you are very knowledge about all of the steps and associated costs that would go into completing your project, you may find that bidders wish to discuss and negotiate. And you should be open to it. There is usually a good reason for such demands, and you should work to find a solution that makes everyone happy without sacrificing the quality or the time to market of the final product.

Is Third-Party App Development the Right Choice?

If you approach the selection of a dedicated third-party to handle the development of your project seriously, then you should have no problem identifying someone who can handle all the elements of your application development with professionalism and whose work allows you the freedom to offer your input but still keep your attention where it needs to be: on the running of your business. Find professionals who are committed to quality and to making certain that what they deliver is ultimately a success for you and your company.